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Above all else my goal is to fascinate and satisfy. To leave you not only satisfied that you got your monies worth, but amazed to the point that you feel you must share the experience with someone :) Whether you decide to go with One Hour of Bliss or a 24 Hour Geisha Affair... You will believe you were king for that time, and in every way will be treated as such. Longing for the day you can return to this blissful kingdom...

When we meet please present the donation prepared inside a greeting card. Please do not attempt to hand me a plain white envelope as this makes me uncomfortable. For the smoothest results, please just place the donation inside a simple greeting card addressed to me, on the bathroom counter... Not to be discussed! I prefer to get the business part of things out of the way in the very beginning, this way the rest of our time can be spent enjoying each others company :)

Deposits are accepted in cash, money orders and certain types of gift cards (contact me for details). Deposits are necessary for all travel appointments. When booking a session where travel is not involved deposits are only required if it is necessary I mark an entire day or days off of my schedule. In this case a deposit of 1/3 is necessary. Session of (6 hrs. or more.) If less than 6 hr. session deposit is NOT required. All I ask is that if for some reason you have to cancel please have the courtesy to call and give me as much notice possible. If a deposit has already been received I will gladly apply the full amount to a future appointment.

I sometimes like to step outside of the box, challenge the boundaries of the norm if you will. If you too like to do things a little different in your private time, push the envelope a little bit, Lets journey to the other side together. Between you, me, my wardrobe and my toy box I am sure I have everything we might need to make most any fantasy a wonderful reality... :)

Customized packages available upon request. Above donation scale is for Las Vegas, and may vary when traveling... Please Inquire ;)

When reserving a wild Fantasy/Fetish adventure together please make it known which session you are interested in. Also make me aware of your experience level as well as any preferences/limits. Too late to be shy now ;)

...................................................................................................... PUBLIC ESCORT
If you are interested solely in spending time outside of your hotel room while in Vegas and would like nothing more than to have a beautiful asian woman by your side while doing it... One who actually knows the city rather well... Here are a few Ideas ;)

  • Dinner date
  • Sexy tour guide
  • Eye candy (aka "chick bait") to accompany you to LV's Hottest strip clubs ;)
  • Exclusive girlfriend/dance partner at one of LV's premier night clubs
  • Lady luck when rolling the dice
  • Sexy, fun personal bar maid for your limo
  • Hot, fun golf caddy
  • Shopping partner
  • Your own pool party bikini babe
  • Convention-savvy promotional model/hostess

All Public Escort services listed above $200 for the 1st hour and $50 each additional hour. If your plans differ from what I have listed above please don't hesitate to e-mail me with your ideas ;)


If interested in bachelor party entertainment please inquire via e-mail...

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