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I prefer reservations be made at least 48 hrs. in advance. The more advance the notice the better ;-) Same day reservations are not always possible when dealing w/someone for the first time. For sessions 6hrs. or more I will need to have a deposit of 1/3 the session's donation in advance. Deposits are accepted in cash, money orders, and green dot cards. When reserving our time together please first complete the following pre-screening form in its entirety. If you are uncomfortable with this I understand but please don't be... Please first imagine how I must feel if for some reason you feel the need to refuse. I understand your concern/need for discretion & privacy & I hold that in the highest regard (as I too share this concern). The information you submit will be for my eyes only and is kept 100% confidential. This information is used solely for my safety/security. After you are verified the info is deleted.

Once you have completed the reservation form please send me an e-mail. I check my e-mails everyday and will reply to every message I receive. If you do not hear from me within 24 hrs. please send again - as I reply to every message I receive. So if you don't get some sort of reply from me then somehow your message never made it to my in-box..  

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