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Q: You are SO beautiful... Your look is so unique and exotic, what are you?
A: I am alien, not from this planet... A Goddess from Venus lol ;) Truth - I am of of mixed heritage 1/2 Korean, 1/2 Polynesian.

Q: Do you accept gifts?
A: Honestly... What girl is into turning down gifts? While gifts are never necessary nor expected they are always accepted and appreciated :) The thought alone says a lot about a person, and believe me, does not go unnoticed ;)

Q: When will you be coming to my city?
A: I love seeing new places, and I travel quite often. If you'd like to be notified when I'm in your neck of the woods, sign up for my travel notification list:

Q: Are you really the girl from the pics?
A: Not only am I the same girl in every picture, they also are all current images. I have been told by every person, who first saw me in photos and then met me in person that my pics do me no justice and I am far more beautiful in person. You will have to give me your take once we finally meet.

Q: What is light GFE?
A: For the safety of myself and you alike I am a covered only provider. Other than that... I provide an experience your favorite girlfriend couldn't dream of ;)

Q: Do you travel the Greek Isles?
A: No no and NO!!!

Q: Why do you ask that I send a pic during your screening?
A: To see if you are cute enough for me to date... Just Kidding! Truth - most honest people have no problem with sending a simple, current pic. Could be from a company web site, a social networking site, or just a simple cell phone or web-cam pic. Has to do solely with my safety. I find a bit of comfort in recognizing the person I meet as the same person I saw in the photo. Someone up to no good likely won't send a pic. Be it someone employed by some harassing government agency who gets off interfering with the type of service I provide and can't blow their cover, or just a weirdo with bad intentions. Your privacy and need for discretion are very important to me. Coming second ONLY to my safety.

Q: Do you Role Play?
A: Not only am I open to role playing but I actually enjoy it. I also have an array of outfits to assist me in bringing specific roles to life. From the naughty school girl to the sexy french maid (though Asian in my case, lol) I've got it covered ;) Let me know the role in advance and prepare to be wowed and amazed... and to ultimately just have a good fun time ;)

Q: Do I get to spend the full amount of time with you ?
A: Yes... Be it an Hour of Bliss, or a 24 hr. Geisha Affair... you get to spend every last second with me. And if our agreed time is approaching and we still happen to be enjoying each others company... I won't jump up and run out if you don't ;)

Q: Do you do bachelor parties?
A: Yes... I love bachelor parties! I used to dance in the strip clubs full time so I consider myself to give a pretty good lap dance. I still take to the stage from time to time if requested... Or just to keep in shape and stay on top of all the latest moves... I also have more than my fair share of hot dance wear. If you have a fairly large group and need more than one girl I have a few girls I work comfortably with.

Q: Do you provide incalls?
A: Yes... When in Vegas if you'd like an incall appointment let this be know in advance. Preferably 24 hrs. in advance at least. When outside of Las Vegas Incalls are usually a definite.

Q: What things should I keep in mind to ensure the best possible experience?
A: PERSONAL HYGIENE IS THE BIGGEST KEY WHEN TRYING TO ENSURE AN EXQUISITE EXPERIENCE! Having showered, brushed teeth, and even gargled with mouthwash immediately prior to a session are worth more than I can put into words. Being a gentleman also scores big points in this category. Having the donation ready and in a simple greeting card addressed to me, placed on the bathroom counter and not discussing said donation with me during our time together is also a good idea and actually preferred. If you are on board with the above I can guarantee to you here in advance, we will have a wonderful time together that will not soon be forgotten ;)

Q: How will you be dressed when you arrive?
A: I will be dressed appropriately for the occasion whatever it may be. Never will I appear obvious or vulgar. Classy enough for you to want to hold hands and do some sight seeing, and just sexy enough for you to want to hurry and get behind closed doors :)

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