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Hello! I am the one and only Kimorah Chan. International travel companion and promotional model. I am of mixed heritage, 1/2 Polynesian 1/2 Korean.

I can count on one hand the number of times someone has guessed this correctly. I think it is definitely my most frequently asked question. I'm 5ft. 7in. tall with a slender athletic build... though still very soft, smooth, and feminine ;)

I have a warm and genuine smile, I'm also said to have a calming aura about myself. Men often refer to me as a goddess... After spending some time together you will have to give me your opinion on this comment ;) I love meeting new and interesting people. I yearn to know all that I do not. I truly believe you should learn something new everyday. Therefore I am a great listener. Whether it be different cultures, beliefs, sports, current events, economy... I am truly a sponge, eager to soak up knowledge. I grew up idolizing my big brother so naturally I was a true tom-boy. I like to think I am still a pretty good athlete once the heels come off :) I have a passion for music, all genres.

I enjoy fine dining, I also LOVE love LOVE to dance. I prefer the outdoors to shopping malls and my favorite hobby is jet skiing. A big wish of mine is to be well traveled... unfortunately I have to mount up lots more frequent flier miles before I can make that claim. All and all I am one who genuinely enjoys life and wants to spend time w/ others who share that passion. MY Motto is this: We get one life to live, live it to the fullest...

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